New Year, New Changes

Happy (slightly belated) New Year to you all.

It was a busy and somewhat haphazard end to 2012. As well as dealing with the usual day-to-day running of business, some bright spark (maybe that was me) decided to go headlong into a complete rebrand: new logo, new website, new colour palette, new offices…

After very little consideration and deliberation, it was decided (by me) that there would be little point in refreshing the elements of a frankly very tired old brand, which was established in the early days of the Internet and pre-social media.

Things have changed.

And so must we.

We employed the services of a remarkably talented graphic designer who, after consultation over a few cups of coffee, scrambled eggs and glasses of mulled wine (not all together), came up with a logo which fits the company’s personality and philosophy to a T. We’re really pleased with the result and hope you like it too.Agius social media profile photo 400x400px

The website is currently underway, new business cards are on order and we are hoping for an early February move into our new offices, which are based at City Heliport in Manchester.

The final change we have implemented is to our company name. Not wanting to do a complete backflip from a name which has worked effectively and successfully for the last 13 years, we decided to make a small change which would retain our existing identity but clearly state what it is we primarily do: translation. So, we are bidding a fond adieu to Agius Language Services and offering a warm welcome to Agius Language & Translation.

We hope this rebrand will take the business to a new level. However, we will not lose sight of the existing elements that have held strong for so long. We will to continue to provide the same high-quality, professional and friendly service that our clients are used to.

We will let you know once our website is live. In the meantime, you can contact us on the links below and follow our updates on our facebook page by clicking this link